Clean Eating and Lifestyle

Just about everywhere you look right now people are talking/writing about "Clean Eating!"

So, what is it!?


Apparently this is something revolutionary and new however it seems to us that all this means is that we should eat food in it's natural state as much as possible!  

Feel Alive is about "Keeping It Real" and Clean Eating fits in to this well.  We don't like to preach but instead lead by example.  We also like to maintain balance in our lives so we live life by the 80/20 rule ensuring we have fun/fitness/good nutrition/life balance the majority of the time and that we don't feel guilty if we occassionaly indulge in something off the 20% list!

If we went back in time 30+ years, most of us ate in the Clean way as we didn't have the selection of take-aways or processed foods readily available as we do now. Life was simple back then and perhaps a trip down memory lane might remind us that 'less is more' in many circumstances?  

Feel Alive believes that if you consume food with ingredients that are represented by a number/colour agent or a chemical cocktail then it's probably not going to do be very good for you so do your best to avoid this.  Think about what you eat, how you want to feel, invest in your health for right now and your future by Keeping It Real with Feel Alive!

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